Mane Event (Red Deer) 2013 Clinicians

The Mane Event has just released their list of clinicians that will be at the Red Deer expo, being held April 26-28 at Westerner Park.

The Trainers Challenge will feature Sean Patrick (Florida), Wylene Davies (Arizona), and Heath Marshall (Colorado). The Trainers Challenge is a competition where each trainer is provided a colt who hasn’t even been started yet, and to get them as close to being broke as they can. The judging  is based 10% on the horse, 60% on the trainer’s ability to train the horse and 30% on the trainer’s ability to educate the attendees. Hugh McLennan will be the voice of the Trainers Challenge again this year!

The clinicians are as follows:
– Jumping: George Morris
– Dressage: Tom Dvorak
– Driving: Clay Maier
– Barrel Racing: Doug Leasor
– Reining: Craig Johnson
– Horsemanship: Steve Rother & Don Halladay
– Breeding & Reproduction: Ann Egar

For more information about any of these clinicians or to buy tickets to the Mane Event Expo, click here.