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    Recipes From The Range

Opening ceremony of the previous year’s Heritage Ranch Rodeo.

Heritage Ranch Rodeo

Opening ceremony of the previous year’s Heritage Ranch Rodeo.Photo by Grant Rolston Congratulations to the winners and top hands that competed for prizes and glory at the Heritage Ranch Rodeo in Edmonton, held during Farmfair International 2013. Mesabi Ranches from Nanton finished in first place — each contestant received...


There’s an App for That

Ever find a strange cow on the wrong side of a fence and not know what to do? In Montana, there’s an app for that. The Montana Department of Livestock has released a free smartphone application identifying all 55,000 livestock brands registered with the state. Users can enter characteristics of a brand to create a...

Connecting the Olympic Rings

By Terri Mason, Editor, Canadian Cowboy Country magazine I’ve long been fascinated with how the West is connected, and perhaps the most interesting connections reach from the hilly terrain of the Moose Mountain country deep in southeast Saskatchewan, to the buck brush covered foothills of Eckville in Central Alberta, to...

Homes of the West

Staying Home

Photos By Don Molyneaux and Barbara Robson These are additional photographs after the ranch house renovation featured in...

Trail Blazers

Alex Bulman

Image courtesy Daryl Drew. Ranching Along the Cariboo Cattle Trail Cattle drives along the Cariboo Trail from...